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7 Natural remedies for diarrhea

In case of diarrhea during the first 48 hours you agree to a liquid or semi – liquid diet , always soft and light, water – based juices, fruit smoothies and / or vegetables, purees, fish, etc. We use this type of diet got 3 objectives: treat dehydration , dilute and facilitate the elimination of toxins and, finally, treat diarrhea . In addition, most of the foods we are going to consume (fruits, vegetables, vegetables) have a great detoxifying and purifying power. In addition there are natural remedies with astringent action that help fight diarrhea.

7 natural remedies for diarrhea

Alkaline Lemonade

Ingredients: 1 liter of water, 4/3 medium lemons, sugar, salt and sodium bicarbonate.

Work: Add a liter of water lemons juice, 2 teaspoons of sugar, a pinch of salt and a pinch of baking soda. Mix well all the ingredients and take several glasses of the mixture immediately after getting up and rest throughout the day.

How it works: With the alkaline lemonade, in addition to treat diarrhea, plenty of fluids and minerals to the body shall be provided to avoid dehydration.

Three-year tea

Ingredients: 1 cup of tea three years (Bancha, kukicha or hijcha), a teaspoon of kudzu and umeboshi plum.

Work: In one liter of water a well filled tea tablespoon three years is set, boil for 7 minutes and let stand until cool. Then a cup of this cold tea is taken and dissolves the Kuzu teaspoon, it approaches in a saucepan to the fire and it is not allowed to stir until it is taking consistency of cream and it changes of color (not to let it boil). Remove from heat and add a shredded umeboshi plum. Take small sips or with a teaspoon.

How it works: This ancient remedy is widely used macrobiotics and is very useful in case of severe diarrhea.

Grated apple

Ingredients: 1 to 2 medium apples and lemon juice.

Work: Peel the apples and grate the pulp. Add a chorritode of lemon juice and take teaspoonful to teaspoon, chewing a lot. We must use this remedy at breakfast and even repeat it at lunchtime.

How it works: Grated mazana, along with lemon, they have an astringent effect that stops diarrhea and rebalances the activity of the innermost layer of the intestine. In addition, once the ingredients are absorbed we get a significant detoxifying activity. To enhance these effects we can add to the grated apple a natural yogurt bio.

Blackberry jam

Work: Before breakfast take 2 tablespoons blackberry jam.

How it works: The blackberry is one of the most effective anti – diarrheal known. It can be used in all types of diarrhea but its best effects are known in mild diarrhea.

Rice Syrup

Ingredients: 1 cup rice, 1 liter of water, 6 tablespoons quince and 3 egg whites.

Work: Boil the equivalent of a cup of rice in one liter of water for a couple of minutes. Turn off the heat, filter the resulting liquid and allow to cool. Add to the liquid 6 tablespoons of quince and 3 egg whites. Beat everything well until a homogeneous mixture is formed. For breakfast, take half a glass just to get up and another half a glass before leaving home (about half an hour later to have taken the first glass). It is advisable to take another half glass at 2 o’clock and another before eating (always soft food, very light and digestive), keeping the liquid elaborated in the refrigerator.

How it works: This measure has astringent effects by preventing fluid loss from the intestine forming diarrhea. This remedy is very useful in any type of diarrhea, for the mild cases the 2 shots of the morning can suffice and in the most severe cases the liquid intake should be practiced throughout the day and as an exclusive food.

Barley water

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of barley and half a liter of water.

Work: Boil 1 tablespoon of barley pint of water for half an hour. Then allow the mixture to stand for 10 minutes and then strain the liquid. Take a glass when you get up and another before leaving home, making a small breakfast liquid or liquid (yogurt, juices, applesauce …).

How it works: Barley conveys much of its components to water during boiling, so ete liquid has great astringent reducing diarrhea. In addition, it supplies water to the body reducing dehydration.


Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of therapeutic clay and 1 cup water.

Work: Add a glass of water a teaspoon of therapeutic clay, stir a bit and let sit overnight. If in the morning symptoms of diarrhea and even gastric acidity or intestinal pain occur, take the water from the glass without removing it previously, leaving the clay deposited in the bottom.

How it works: The clay dissolved in water freely passes through the entire digestive tract and at the same time has a high absorption capacity. This makes that in addition to rebalancing the activity of the intestine reducing gastrointestinal symptoms, capture all kinds of toxins, “cleaning” the digestive tract and giving back its vitality.


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