4 Natural remedies for gastritis

Four natural remedies to mitigate the discomfort and accelerate recovery of the stomach damaged by gastritis.

The alcohol can cause unpleasant consequences hours as gastritis . Acidic substances and alcohol itself produce small inflammation in the wall of the stomach or increase production of gastric juices. To leave at rest the stomach and recover faster taking liquid food or semi – liquid and never acids. Aim these natural remedies with analgesic effects .

Here are 4 natural remedies that will help relieve gastritis.

Apple juice for gastritis


Remedy: Before breakfast strips, cleans and liquefies an apple. Take the juice with a semi-liquid breakfast.

How does it work? Apple juice neutralizes and absorbs acids. In addition it has a certain analgesic effect, so that the pains and molasses are reduced in a short time.

Chamomile infusion for gastritis


Remedy: Make putting a cup of water to boil, infusion adding a teaspoon of dried chamomile (or two bags) and let stand a few minutes. Take the concentrated infusion on an empty stomach when you wake up, you can repeat the infusion once or twice throughout the day, for example, at lunch and at dinner.

How does it work? Chamomile has analgesic, anti-acid and antiseptic effects against germs.

Slurry breakfast for gastritis


Remedy: If you have an appetite you can have a glass of soy milk, rice or oatmeal with toast with honey, royal jelly or alone. You can also drink an infusion of mint, sage, mallow or chamomile or a juice of tomato, apple or carrot.

How does it work? A semi-liquid breakfast avoids working overload to the stomach and the production of gastric juices is rather scarce. In addition, carrot, apple, chamomile and sage neutralize the gastric acids avoiding the irritation of the stomach wall and the burning sensation.

Potato juice for gastritis


Remedy: Before breakfast, lunch and dinner liquefies medium potato and take the juice obtained.

How does it work? Potato juice neutralizes gastric acids and juices and reduces inflammation of the stomach wall.


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